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To all,

The ICD committee is currently working on partnering with some local schools to bring green job training and programs to our employees.
Please take the time to review below. This course may be for anyone thinking about green jobs or a second income in the green job field. If there is enough interest we will work to bring the course to the plant.

Delaware Technical & Community College is offering training for professionals to help clients become more energy efficient. In the present economy, it is more important than ever for businesses and home owners alike to save money. This training translates building performance into lower utility bills and a greener environment.


5 DAY INTENSIVE WORK SHOP                                 WHO SHOULD ATTEND

This intensive workshop focuses                                       

 on the house-as-a-system concept,

 including mechanical equipment and

 the building envelope. Once you complete

your certification, you will know how to

identify the problems, their root causes

and how to fix them right, without compromising

 other systems in the house.


Professionals seeking Building

Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) certification


Contractors, entrepreneurs, and

small business owners planning to

enter the renewable energy market.


Homeowners interested in developing

wind and/or solar generation systems

on their properties.


Teachers, students and life-long learners

who would like to expand their knowledge




Workshop includes curriculum developed by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.



Professionals with green skills


This low-cost training program can bring you new business for years to come. While you're using building science technology to help customers solve heating, cooling and air leakage problems that are driving high energy costs, you'll also provide them with a more comfortable, safe and durable home. You'll be part of an exclusive group of contractors with access to benefits to help your business grow.



With this training you will learn the importance of considering all technology advances in making determinations about the safety, health and energy efficiency of residential and commercial building applications.

Look at the benefits of remodeling versus total retrofitting as well as the total system concept and whole house envelope for planning new construction.