Goodyear = Corporate Greed

In a true show of corporate greed, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company has forced 15,000 USW members on strike at 15 locations across North America.  Goodyear has two goals: eliminate promises it made to provide healthcare to workers when they retire; and shut down plants so it can bring tires in from China.  It is now using scabs to try to produce tires at its plants.

Wall Street is supporting Goodyear, one of the most widely known consumer brands in the world, with over $1 billion in capital during the strike.  If they succeed, your company will insist it get what Goodyear got.  If we beat them back, it will send a message to the corporate community that we will fight for our jobs and our healthcare.

This fight is notable for Rapid Response for a number of reasons:



In 2005, Goodyear's profits were $489 million.

In August, 2006, Goodyear imported $10.2 million in Chinese made tires.

Goodyear wants to increase its imported tires 10 times to $1.2 billion per year.

Goodyear's workers in China earn only $22.40 per week.

Goodyear wants to close two more plants in the USA.

Regardless of its profits, Goodyear wants to eliminate retiree healthcare.


Goodyear has told Wall Street it will  try to destroy our union if that is necessary.    We won't let that happen.  This is a fight over jobs and healthcare; it is a fight over issues Rapid Response has had to deal with many times before, and we will join this fight as well.  To find out how you and your local can help, watch for a Rapid Response Action Call- coming soon!