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Welcome to the Homepage of USW Local 9462



As a reminder to all members here is an excerpt from our USW Constitution:


 ``Recognizing that the United Steelworkers is a strong labor organization dedicated to the advancement of my interests and the interests of all working men and women and that the strength of the Union depends on the commitment which its members make to it and to each other, I do sincerely promise, of my own free will, to abide by the laws of this Union; to bear true allegiance to, and keep inviolate the principles of the United Steelworkers; never to discriminate against a fellow worker on account of creed, color, sex, or nationality; to defend freedom of thought, whether expressed by tongue or pen, to defend on all occasions and to the extent of my ability the members of our organization, and never to reveal to any employers or their agent a member's name without proper authorization. I will cease work when authorized and approved by the organization to do so. That I will look upon my fellow members of this Union as my brothers and sisters and will never knowingly wrong a member or see a member wronged if I can prevent it. That I will assist all members of our organization to obtain the highest wages possible for their work; that I will not accept a member's job who is idle for advancing the interests of the Union or seeking better remuneration for the member's labor; and, as the workers of the entire country are competitors in the labor world, I promise to provide my solidarity and support whenever I am called upon by the organization to do so. And I further promise to help and assist all members in adversity, and encourage all workers to organize and join our Union in order to enjoy more fully the fruits of their labor. To all this I pledge my honor and I further pledge that at every opportunity

I shall ‘Say A Good Word About My Union



USW Rally in Marcus Hook






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“Well I’ve got news for those Gucci-shoed, coupon-clipping,

café latte-drinking bastards,” ..

 “We’ll never stop fighting for a clean environment, for social justice,

for economic fairness, and for workers’ rights.”

Leo W. Gerard
August 2002